Internal creative


It’s fair to say everyone at GoCardless understands the impact good design can make, so within the Communication Design Team we take pride in whatever we create for our colleagues. Whether it’s for the entire company or a specific team, every projects is treated as a challenge which needs thought and craft to create a beautiful experience.


Every quarter we have hack days, bringing together a number of teams including design, engineering and data. It’s a day to simply hack and create, and leading up to it, there’s plenty of design to do. From coming up with a theme to bringing the theme to life visually. We create identities, t-shirts, presentations and whatever else is needed to make the day special for everyone involved.


Going global is our main focus at GoCardless, so every new geo we enter is time for celebration and a time for designing something special. For our launch in Australia, we redesigned the rocket used in presentations to signify this achievement and created a tangible metal pin for every employee.